What is ODC?

Data by self management

Full control for individual user to manage personal data access and enjoy of value out of it.

Data alliance by vertical

A secure and fast platform for companies to safely collaborate on data science and value discovery.


A new generation of ecosystem to enable better privacy protection and inclusive finance.


Powered by Blockchain

ODC has incorporated EOS as the underlying blockchain infrastructure, and is fully customized for high-performance data collaboration purpose.

Team of high caliber

Over 10-year experience in finance and tech industry for both of the 2 founders, with deep understanding in both developed and developing countries.

Strong track record

Past success stories include: managed end-to-end business segment in global companies, built a top tier big-data startup in China within 3 years and expanded the horizon in Southeast Asia, etc.

Rich resource in Finance vertical

1Bn+ user profiles which continues to grow, and strong partnership with 1500+ Finance companines in Asia.

Phase 1: to build ODMP(omni data marketplace), for fintech companies to securely share credit data
Phase 2: to release DAPP and expand the service to individual users
Phase 3: to instument SMPC environment and expand the service to 3rd party rating agencies and model providers
Phase 4: to expand the business model from fintech to other verticals with strong needs for data collaboration
Future: to expand the business outside Asia and bring the better data ecosystem to more countries in the globe

POC design


TestNet and ODMP go live, connecting ~10 top tier FinTech companies in China and Indonesia


MainNet goes live, connectiong ~200 FinTech companies in China and Indonesia


Release DAPP and empower individual user to manager personal data access and enjoy benefit out of it


Expand to other Southeast Asia countries, and bring 3rd party agencies into ODMP after enabling SMPC environment


Expand to insurance, medical and logistics industries.


Further expansion into the globe.

Ruidong Xue
Ruidong Xue
Founder & CEO

Bachelor of Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University & Master of Finance from National University of Singapore

18 years of experience in financial and FinTech industry: online fraud detection, e-commerce, credit bureau, consumer banking, SMB lending, mutual fund management, equity indexing, etc.

Previous roles: CDO in JuXinLi, Director of global risk management in PayPal and deputy GM for Shanghai risk center of Paypal, Senior manager in Standard Chartered Bank, Associate in Morgan Stanley Capital International (Hong Kong), etc.

Jian Chen
Jian Chen
Co-founder & CTO

Bachelor from Tongji University, and Master of Engineering from Tsing Hua University

Over 10 years of experience in Internet and Finance industry: Search engine, online payment, InfoSec, Big data. Expert in crypto, network security, distributed computation and storage.

Previous roles: Director in JuXinLi, Core member of global risk engineering team in Paypal, Head of big data in Tongdun, Head of risk in Coupang.com, search algorithm engineerr in Sogou.

Yajun Liu
Yajun Liu
Senior C++ Developer

~10-year tenure in internet industry. Yajun started his career from Zealink where he was involved in the project of "Concensus Data" for Go-goal, and took the leading role to build the Margin Financing Platform for ShenZhen Stock Exchange. While in 2345.com which is listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange, Yanjun was responsible for the product of Network SafeGuard. Yajun was also the key stakeholder for Backend Server and Big data platform in QinZao Tech.

Yajun started to work on Blockchain technology in 2018. With his strong C++ background, Yajun has a deep understanding in EOS technology and ecosystem.

Yining Wang
Yining Wang
Community Manager

Rich experience in both online community and off-line meetup event organization. Passionate about the changes the technology can bring to the financial world, and always ready for new challenges.

Minpeng Wang
Minpeng Wan
Blockchain Engineer

While in Yixin Group, Minpeng was one of the core team members for several key projects such as Yichen car model selection, Taoche and Alix. Before Yixin, Minpeng worked on project iClap (team collaboration tool) in Shenzhen Ijiami.

Started to work on blockchain from 2017, and actively involved in the application of blockchain techology in ABS and other financial domain while working in Yixin Goroup, with deep understanding about Ethereum as well we Hyperledger.

Feng Xia
Feng Xia
Server Development Engineer

While in AsiaInfo, Feng was the one of the core team members to work on several key projects such as High performance asynchronous middleware development, the new generation of billing platform, and Single sign-on for Hundsun Electronic, etc.

Feng started to work on Hyperledger from 2018 and took an active role to explore the application of Fabric in Asiainfo. Blockchain enthusiast。

Yang Qin
Yang Qin
Senior Java Developer

While in PinganOne, Yang worked as the core team member to build the marketplace for 11 top tier banks in HongKong. The product was built upon Fabric, with API to applications written in Java, and helped the HK banks to exchange information and run inter-bank business safely and more efficiently.

Yang started to work on blockchain from 2018, and has a deep understanding about blockchain technology, Hyperledger and EOS.

Strategic Partners

News and Updates

ODC: Data and value at your own hand


As the data economy develops and evolves in the depths, the data economy is also facing enormous challenges. The Omni Data Chain (ODC) is a new data ecosystem based on blockchain construction. Individuals, companies and 3rd party rating agencies will be able to participate in the sharing and collaboration of data assets and also enjoy the benefits of the whole ecosystem...

ODC product launch in Shanghai


We proudly presented our product "Omni Data Chain" on December 14 in Shanghai. Supervised by Shanghai Big Data Alliance, we were lucky to have industry leaders include Juxinli, Fenqixi, Feidai, Qiancheng, iFLYTEK join us as founding members in the launch ceremory...

ODC won the 2nd prize of Shanghai Blockchain Competition


On November 27, 2018, the final of the "2018 Shanghai Block Chain Application Innovation Competition" was successfully concluded in Baolong Hotel, Hongkou District. Our Team, ODC, won the second prize...

Partnership with top tier FinTech company


Recently, ODC has established the strategic partership with one of the top Fintech companies in Shanghai. Through the partersnhip, the two companies are commited to providing better financial services...

ODC invited for Season 4 of 'Maker in China'


Ruidong Xue, founder and CEO of ODC, was invited by the organizer of 'Maker in China' Season 4 to attend the roadshow event on Sep 5, 2018.